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Lady Lara, Lord Evergreen's granddaughter, is now the Mistress of Evergreen Castle. She is a two-hundred-year-old vampire that has fought the madness and won. Her army of humans and vampires stand ready to protect the castle and the surrounding villages from those that disobey her one rule. Never drink human blood.

Ateliersommerland |

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Evergreen Series
Box Set - Books I - IV

Seized by Obscurity, Escaping Obscurity,

Protected from Obscurity, and Shattering Obscurity

Cover Photo by: ©           | Dreamstime

Cover Photo by: ©           | Dreamstime

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Shattering Obscurity IV
ISBN-13: 978-0692675915
ISBN-10: 0692675914
Cover Illustration by:          |
Book 4 of the Evergreen Series

Thomas has returned Lara and their daughter, Laralynn, safely to Evergreen Castle. Now that Jario has been secured by Gautier, Seth has become Lord of the Crimson Claw Castle. An unlikely visitor to the castle sends Desirae looking for shelter and bringing a warning to Gautier and Kayleigh. Velsa continues to focus on her quest to retrieve Kayleigh's tail to complete a spell that will bring Gautier back to her. A visit from Lady Lara forces her to make a blood promise. To break it means her own death. Astra waits for the final item that will allow her to leave the mountain. What will happen when the witch that cursed her to the mountain finds out she has returned even more powerful and has joined forces with the warlock? A clash of powerful magic is coming. Who will survive? 

Protected from Obscurity III
ISBN-13: 978-0692549469
ISBN-10: 0692549463
Cover Illustration by:         Romikmk |
Book 3 of the Evergreen Series

After escaping the threat of Jario’s desires, Lara awakens in her new surroundings. Will the protection granted by Velsa’s spell keep her safe? Devastated by the loss of his beloved Lara, Thomas and his army continue to search for her. Mystical evidence provided by the warlock gives Thomas an unbelievable surprise. With Tate’s help, they begin their search of the mountain believed to be inhabited by a hermit. An unforeseen discovery adds a new quest to their journey. Will it save them or lead them to their final death? Hearing that Lara is missing, Jario begins his search to find her. Using every trick he has available, he discovers a clue that will help him find her. Evil ways have evil endings, and Jario’s relentless pursuit of Lady Lara may be his undoing. What of the light in the tower? Is it really tied to Lara? Will the Evergreen Army find Lara before the light in the tower goes dark? Each beat of Lara’s heart brings you closer to the answers.

Escaping Obscurity II
ISBN-13: 978-0692476444
ISBN-10: 069247644x
Cover Illustration by:         Summerlily |
Book 2 of the Evergreen Series


Jario begins to rebuild Black Thistle Castle and recruit men for his army.  His thoughts never turn from his need for revenge against Evergreen Castle and giving Lord Thomas his final death.  A new arrival offers an unexpected way to help him obtain his biggest fantasy, power.  Unbeknown to him, Magna has plans of her own. Tate waits patiently for Gavenia to wake.  He feels a connection whenever he is around her.  He struggles with the fear that she will hate him for the role he played in her torture while they were both held in Magna’s dungeon. Lara and Thomas seek information regarding Jario’s army and prepare Evergreen Castle for an attack.  Thomas leans on Tate, as his right hand, to help him protect Lara and Evergreen.  Lara receives news that forces her to make a decision that could impact everyone. 


Final Seized.jpg
Seized by Obscurity I
ISBN-13: 978-0692401040
ISBN-10: 0692401040
Cover Illustration by:         |
Book 1 of the Evergreen Series


Overcome by grief after finding his family murdered, Thomas frequently seeks the village tavern to drown his pain with ale.  Late one foggy evening after stumbling from the tavern, he is confronted by a stranger that will leave him mindless and craving the taste of blood.  Observed by Lady Lara to be reckless and deadly, she offers her help to save him.  Little does he know that being saved by her will lead to an unexpected love, fear from an act of treason, and a willingness to sacrifice anything.     

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