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Revenge On Poison Wings
Cover Photo by: Photo2008a |
Cover Photo by: Tajra1 |
Cover Photo by: GeorgeMayer |
ISBN-13: 978-1727325096
ISBN-10: 1727325095

A mysterious green haze filled the sky over Alltree Island, and it brought fear to those that lived in Evergreen Castle.


Over the years, many a witch looked up at the green haze in the sky. However, only one witch knew what caused it, for she saw the Horse Dragon come through the portal spewing green flames from its nostrils, carrying a traveler. The Horse Dragon offered her a warning, “Be mindful of the travelers for some carry evil in their hearts.”


Now, the Horse Dragon has returned and brought a new traveler to Alltree. The people of Evergreen are right to fear the haze, for this traveler comes seeking revenge. Will revenge be enough to quiet the pain within this traveler’s heart, or will it only worsen it?

Laralynn's TURN

Cover Photo by:     Tatyana Ivanikova |


ISBN-13: 978-0692879184  

ISBN-10: 0692879188


Lady Laralynn has joined the Evergreen Army and taken the oath to defend Evergreen Castle. Like her mother, she will defend against those that might cause harm to the innocent by using the gifts that have been bestowed upon her by the Wispet Queen. Will it be enough to protect her? Jario thought he had escaped capture when he fled Black Thistle Castle and Alltree Island, but he has traded one capture for another. Mistress Violeta of Firelight Castle has ordered him to bring her the Singing Sword or face his final death. Forced to return to Black Thistle Castle, Jario takes on a new identity and eagerly accepts Lady Kayleigh's invitation to the Black Thistle Masquerade Ball. Discovering Jario was behind the mask of antlers, Baxter and Laralynn are tasked with capturing him. One wrong turn hurls them all into a hidden world far beneath Wintergreen Mountain called Alabaster. Will the bitter cold tendrils of death seek a new victim, or will all survive to tell the tale of what lies beneath the mountain?

Trapped ALONE

A prequel to the Evergreen Series

Cover Photo by:         Volodymyr Byrdyak |
Cover Photo by:         Marinaistock |
ISBN: 13:978-0692764169
ISBN: 10:069276416X

A love story of a warlock and his wolf. Banished from Fallaon Castle, Kayleigh moves from place to place as she tries to keep her wolf a secret. During an accidental meeting, Gautier discovers her secret and realizes she is his destiny. However, a witch feels betrayed and will do anything to keep them apart, even if it means starting a war that will change everything she loves. Will a spell be strong enough to keep them apart?

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