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Little Curiosities Novellas & Shorts

The Mysterious Pink Opal
A Little Curiosities Novella
Cover Photos by:       Bulatova |  and         Agrino | 


ISBN-13: 978-1979872836  

ISBN-10: 197987283X

Willamina Waverly’s simple life as a shop owner is about to change. Her sister has secretly invited Tanner Casteele, a Best Selling Author, to their little shop for a book signing.

To make matters worse, a mystery man has come to Rosebud. Willamina is more than a bit curious about who he is and why he has suddenly arrived.


While rearranging their shop to make room for Mr. Casteele, Willamina discovers a mysterious pink opal pendant over two-hundred years old. The moment she touches it, strange things begin to happen.


Desperate to return it to the owner, she begins her search and discovers how closely the past is tied to the present.

Donation $110 to City of Hope
Breast Cancer Research

Some kind words about The Mysterious Pink Opal


"I love a good cozy mystery and this absolutely exceeded my expectations!"

"Fun characters, charming town, and a touch of mystery and romance."

"I absolutely loved it and recommend it to everyone looking for something new."

"This is a true mystery from page one; I couldn't turn the pages quick enough."

Blunder Saturday.jpg
Miss LeBlanc's Blunder
A Little Curiosities Short Story
Cover Photo by: 

Victoria LeBlanc has difficulty controlling her magic. It wasn’t unusual to see a gaggle of geese running across her lawn or sunflowers popping up along her fence during the dead of winter.


Luckily, they were all little mishaps that gradually faded away, all except one little blunder that left her in a terrible fix. To make matters worse, she discovers her friend is missing, and someone with magical powers has taken her.


Will she be able to help find her friend or suffer the same fate?

Miss Garnet's Valentine's Day Surprise
A Little Curiosities Short Story
Cover Photo by:

Eleanor Garnet is a black cat shifter, and she hates Valentine's Day with a passion. Sadly, she has closed her heart to love. When Cupid comes calling disaster is sure to follow.

Miss Fleming's Not Quite Perfect Wedding
A Little Curiosities Short Story
Cover Photo:  ©  Megachertovka|dreamstime  ©  Artof Sha|dreamstime

When a flamingo shifter and a vampire decide to get married, what could possibly go wrong?

Miss MacKringle and the Ghost of
Applesauce Inn
A Little Curiosities Short Story
Kristy MacKringle has been invited to help her Aunt Juliet at the Applesauce Inn. Coming from the North Pole, there is only one thing she dreads explaining, and that is her name. When you have the moniker MacKringle, everyone you meet asks if you are related to that Jolly Old Man. You know the guy. Yes, it is true. Miss MacKringle is an elf and a distant relative of Santa Claus.

Upon arrival at the inn, a man grabbed her arm and blurted, “What can you tell me about the ghost? People say that it’s Christopher Baldwin, and they found the murder weapon within the walls of his mother’s bedroom.”

Ghosts? Her Aunt Juliet never said anything about ghosts!

Miss Bijou Goes to Paris
A Little Curiosities Short Story

Edwina Bijou had finally embarked on a much needed vacation to Paris. It had started splendidly by meeting a tall, handsome detective on the plane.


Shortly after arriving in Paris, she was welcomed by the morning newspaper’s headline - Another Murder on the Eiffel Tower.


It evoked mystery and danger, and she was intrigued by her overwhelming thoughts of two men. One was a handsome detective, and the other was a deadly stranger.


What were the chances that she would meet either one?

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