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Return to Raven's Gate

The day that Princess Emerelda was turned by the Vampire Prince Awin de Courseilles, her life changed forever. Barely escaping his clutches, she soon found herself at Evergreen Castle without a single memory of her past except for the name Elda.


Now, her memories have returned. She has made the discovery that she is not only a princess but also a hybrid of a raven shifter, vampire, and panther shifter.


Trained as a member of the Evergreen Army and reconciled with the knowledge of her past, Elda sets sail for Onyx Rock Island. She is ready to save her brother from the dungeon and end Prince Awin de Courseilles’ reign.


What lies within the shadows of the castle that she once called home?

Within Raven's Gate

Elda is still determined to save Plume and take back Onyx Rock Castle. While awaiting the return of her brother, Edwyn, she is preparing Eiremma’s Protectors for a fierce battle.


With the Evergreen Army’s help, she will stop at nothing to achieve the end of Prince Awin’s reign, even if it means sacrificing herself in the process.

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